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Spinal Cord Injuries After A Slip And Fall Accident

Spinal cord injuries commonly occur after a slip-and-fall accident. When you’ve fallen and hurt yourself, it may seem like your rehabilitation process will take months. Some people may experience back discomfort that persists after slipping or falling, which can cause sadness to set in very fast.

Spinal cord injuries brought on by falls have significantly increased during the previous 40 years. Environmental factors like icy surfaces or wet floors frequently cause same-level slip-and-fall accidents. Serious spinal cord damage can ensue from such incidents, especially in the elderly population. Slips and falls often result in more serious, life-threatening consequences for older individuals. Additionally, their hospital stay is longer, and their medical expenses are higher.

Injury to the Spinal Cord

One of the most severe and disabling injuries brought on by a slip and fall is a spinal cord injury. A broken or displaced vertebra may be the cause of a spinal cord injury.

There are two types of spinal cord injuries: complete and incomplete. When the cord can no longer convey impulses below the level of injury, it is considered complete. As a result, the area that has been under the impact is losing all sensation below. If the injury is not complete, the victim can still move somewhat and feel a little under the stress.

Can Spinal Cord Injuries Get Worse Over Time?

The fact that slip and fall accidents have both short-term and long-term effects is a very common concern. You are significantly more likely to have a major injury following a fall if you are a high-risk person, such as an elderly person or someone with brittle bones, previous damage, or fissures. Torn ligaments, crushed discs, and pinched nerves can also result in severe harm that may last a lifetime.

The spine has three primary regions:

Different regions of the body are affected by the discs, nerves, and muscles that are unique to each region of the spine. Chronic pain can quickly deteriorate due to improper diagnosis or lack of therapy, leaving you in moderate to severe discomfort.

What Do I Do if I Get a Spinal Cord Injury?

Every patient is different, thus we always create individualized treatment strategies for each of them. However, there are some commonalities among those who slip and fall that can help us identify issues and develop better solutions for quicker relief.

Recognizing the causes of your back injury symptoms may be made easier if you are aware of these conditions. Always get a medical professional’s advice before attempting any remedies. Early treatment can lessen the intensity of your pain and stop permanent nerve and muscle damage.

Vertebral Compression Fractures (VCFs)

Vertebral compression fractures (VCFs), which can occur anywhere in the spine but are most frequently found in the lower thoracic and upper lumbar spine, can be caused by some falls. From excruciating pain to physical deformity, the impacts are varied. People with brittle bones are more likely to get VCF injuries, just like patients with osteoporosis. Compression fractures are also more likely to occur in postmenopausal women.

Vertebral compression fracture symptoms include:

  • abrupt backache
  • discomfort when standing or sitting
  • less discomfort when lying on your back
  • decreased mobility
  • loss of height, incapacity, or progressive deformity
  • slipped discs

The softer inner component of the disk might herniate when a disc ruptures due to a fall or slip that twists the spine. This puts pressure on the nearby nerves, which can cause mild to severe pain, tingling and numbness, and weakness of the muscles. Herniated disc sufferers can experience discomfort that corresponds to individual spine injuries. For instance, you might feel discomfort and tingling in your lower limbs if a disc in your lumbar region herniated.

Herniated discs can be controlled early on with chiropractic care, physical therapy, therapeutic ultrasounds, steroid injections, and medication, but surgery is the only effective treatment for them.

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