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Government Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney

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Best Government Auto Accident Lawyers Near Los Angeles, CA

Our government motor vehicle auto accident attorneys’ possess the skills and abilities to handle claims relating to causes of actions for deathpersonal injury, or damages to personal property under Government Code § 911.2. 

Under the California Torts Claims Act, special rules and procedures apply to torts committed by Governmental agencies and employees. Our Los Angeles motor vehicle accident attorney understand the mastery it takes to successfully receive fair settlements during the claims stage of a personal injury or accident case. 

Law Firm in Glendale, CA

Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers: Government Accident Injury Claims

Our motor vehicle accident lawyers in Glendale, Los Angeles, California, have successfully recovered money damages for victims that suffered personal injury due to Government motor vehicle accidents. There are variety of reasons one can file a claim against a government entity or employee for. For instance, you were involved in a vehicle collision involving a government vehicle such as:

  • Los Angeles Metro Bus;
  • CHP Vehicle;
  • CalTrans Vehicle 
  • Fire Department Vehicle;
  • City owned vehicles;
  • United States Postal Service Vehicle; or
  • You may have been assaulted by a government employee and sustain injuries and or damages.

If you were involved in an motor vehicle accident involving a Government vehicle, such as Los Angeles Metro or Los Angeles Fire Department, Water & Power, or a CalTrans vehicle it is vital that you contact a personal injury attorney that specializes in government tort claims. We invite you to call KAASS LAW for a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer specializing in government tort claims involving motor vehicle accidents with city, county, state, or other Government owned entity vehicles.

Motor Accident Attorney Helping Victims Involved in City, County, State, or Other Government Vehicles Accidents

Our automobile accident attorneys represent clients in and around Los Angeles, CA and are experienced personal injury lawyers that handle legal matters including:



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