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Slip and Fall Accidents on the Sidewalk In California

Slip and fall accidents on the sidewalk are widespread in California, mainly in the larger cities around Orange County and Los Angeles. Sidewalk accident injuries are repeatedly due to negligence in maintenance and can cause great bodily harm and injuries.

Pedestrians are injured on sidewalks when they have some unsafe conditions causing harm to any person using the sidewalk reasonably.

What are Common Injuries from Slip and Fall on the Sidewalk Accidents?

Usually, slip and fall can cause:

  • broken bones
  • lacerations
  • muscle strains
  • soft tissue injuries
  • back injuries
  • traumatic brain injuries.
  • internal injuries
  • neck and shoulder injuries
  • spinal cord injuries

Who is Responsible for Sidewalk Maintenance?

Usually, responsibility for maintaining a public sidewalk falls on the county or city in which the defective sidewalk is located. The county or municipality also owns the sidewalk and owes certain obligations and duties to keep the sidewalk safe. Moreover, In some cases, the commitment to properly maintain the sidewalk may lie with the adjacent property owner. Also, public utility companies or some other governmental entities may be liable for defective sidewalks and injuries caused by accidents.

Of course, sometimes it is very complicated to understand who is responsible for the injuries and the accident. Meanwhile, an experienced sidewalk fall attorney from Kaass Law can help to establish the liability and find responsible parties. The penalty may even be shared amongst several entities.

How to Establish Liability for Slip and Fall in California?

You must be able to prove the following element to claim compensation for a sidewalk accident:

  • You had an accident on the sidewalk
  • The misfortune for the reason of someone else’s mistake or negligence
  • The accident caused an injury to you

Premises Liability Lawsuit for Negligence

You can file a personal injury lawsuit based on premises liability if you prove the responsible party’s negligence. Thus, to establish the claim to will need to prove the following elements:

  • The sidewalk was unsafe
  • The defendant knew or should have reasonably known about that defect
  • The defendant failed to fix the problem
  • The defendant’s negligence caused harm to you

In addition, there are four main elements you will need to prove to establish negligence:

  • Someone owed a duty of care to you
  • He breached the burden of care
  • The accident was a result of that breach
  • The accident caused injuries and physical harm to you.

All the elements mentioned above are essential for filing a personal injury claim. Moreover, you will also be required to present evidence of physical injuries.

What Compensation Can You Get for Slip and Fall Accidents?

Kaass Law sidewalk fall attorney can help you obtain the compensation you deserve. You can recover the following :

  • Medical expenses coverage
  • Past and future pain and suffering
  • Past and future loss of earnings
  • Damage to the property

When Shall You Fill Out a Personal Injury Claim?

Generally, a personal injury claim in California must be filed within two years from the date of the incident. But, if you file a lawsuit against a governmental entity, you have only 6 six months of the incident. Therefore, it is essential not to miss the period for filing a personal injury claim.

An experienced sidewalk injury lawyer can help you figure out when to submit a claim and who will most likely be at fault for your injuries.

Contact a Los Angeles Slip and Fall Injury Attorney Today

One of our many practices is slip and fall accidents. If a defective sidewalk contact has injured you, Kaass Law experienced an attorney for a consultation and case evaluation. With our help, you can file a California slip and fall claim and seek the financial compensation you deserve. Feel free to give us a call at 310.943.1171


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