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Scaffolding: Legal Responsibility for Wrongful Death

From Los Angeles to several other locations around the world, accidents do occur on and around construction sites. These occurrences often happen when the scaffolding falls or when building personnel or other people fall off of it. When these mishaps occur, the victims may die or sustain severe injuries. Employees who suffer injuries or fatalities as a result of scaffolding accidents may be eligible to compensation from a variety of parties. This includes their employers, the company that made or installed the scaffolding, or the owner of the property where the accident occurred. A California personal injury attorney may investigate the circumstances to determine who could be held responsible and from whom compensation might be requested.

Frequency of Scaffolding Accidents

Workers who sustain injuries in scaffolding accidents claim that the occurrences are due to the supports or planking giving way, or as a result of them slipping or getting hit by falling objects. These sorts of incidents are avoidable if businesses follow safety regulations. Sadly, some businesses fail to follow safety requirements, resulting in injuries and fatalities on building sites.

Legal Responsibility Wrongful Deaths in Scaffold Accidents

When scaffolding accidents cause injuries or fatalities, the victims or their relatives may seek compensation from a variety of sources. Whenever an employee sustains injuries at work, their company must pay workers’ compensation benefits.

Damages Caused by the Installer or Manufacturer

Several mishaps result by scaffolding, whether it is a defect in manufacturing or installing. It could have been possible for a third-party to manufacture it. Third-party responsibility may arise if the scaffolding fails due to manufacture or design flaws. It might also happen if the scaffolding was properly built but the installation was done incorrectly by a third party, resulting in an injury or death accident. When third parties are careless in the fabrication or installation of scaffolds, wounded victims or the relatives of employees murdered as a result may seek damages through personal injury or wrongful death civil litigation against the negligent third parties. Injured employees and their families may get workers’ compensation payments from their employers while also filing personal injury claims against third parties.

Lawsuits for Premises Liability Against the Property Owner

Several properties feature active construction sites owned by other residences or businesses from the employers. Scaffold accidents can result from a risky property condition that the property owner knew about or should have known about. The victims or their families may have the right to collect damages. Property owners have a responsibility to ensure the safety of visitors to their premises who are there for business purposes. If they are aware of hazardous conditions on their property, they must address them and warn guests of them. Failing to warn employees on their sites will result in consequences if a scaffold accident occurs.

Victims can bring premises liability cases against negligent property owners, like third-party responsibility actions, may also obtain workers’ compensation payments from their employers’ workers’ compensation insurance. This can help the victims or the victims family get compensation. They may be responsible to pay damages in premises liability claims filed against them.

Contact an Attorney Now

Consult with an attorney for a personal injury or wrongful death scaffolding accident. An attorney will likely investigate what occurred during the incident. They will be able to portray a strong claim for your case with their knowledge. If the company or its insurance provider opposes the claim for benefits, the attorney may initiate a lawsuit on behalf of the victims or their families to help them collect the benefits to which they are lawfully eligible.

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