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Falling Objects Causing Wrongful Death

In the state of California, a family member’s spouse, parents, or dependent children may file a wrongful death case if the individual wrongfully died by a falling object. Understanding your legal rights might help you feel more at ease and relieve some financial pressure.

Wrongful Death Caused by Falling Objects

Your attorney must demonstrate that the object fell as a result of someone’s carelessness in this kind of case for a wrongful death claim to be successful. Each individual who wrongfully died by a falling object has the right to have their family pursue legal action. The following damages may be available to the relatives of victims:

Injury from a falling object is possible under the following conditions:

  • Large or uneven stacks of goods
  • Unsecured products
  • Using risky tools when grabbing up objects
  • Aisles that are small or busy

We will thoroughly analyze the circumstances of your accident and assist you in obtaining compensation for your injuries if you were wounded in a store by a falling product.

Injuries That Falling Objects May Cause

The likelihood that a falling object will strike the victim in the head and neck poses a genuine risk of injury. A person can get serious head injuries and neck injuries when an item with enough weight and speed strikes them in the head. Accidents involving falling objects can cause concussions and traumatic brain injuries, and victims require immediate medical attention. In order to avoid brain damage after a head accident, surgeons sometimes need to release pressure in the brain.

A person who is hit by a falling object mishap also runs the danger of incurring critical neck and back injuries. When the head is forced downward into the spine or an object strikes the spinal column, there is a risk of disc rupture or vertebral fracture. Excruciating pain, paralysis, and even death could result from these neck incisions. Your family may be able to file a wrongful death claim to seek compensation for your loss as a result of a loved one being killed by a falling object on the job.

For example, shoppers may encounter risk in retailers, particularly big, warehouse-style businesses. Crowding, big goods, and high shelves can all result in dangerous situations, broken objects, and injuries.

Objects Dropping from Above: The Law

Every time something falls on someone when there are falling objects, negligence is clearly present. Things do not fall on individuals when there is no carelessness.

An attorney must demonstrate that the defendant had control over the placement and/or management of the material that fell in order to establish responsibility in any falling object case in the Los Angeles area. Construction sites, moving forklifts, and shelves are all potential sources of falling things.

What to Do After an Injury?

If someone you know has wrongfully died, you should contact the authorities as soon as possible. Make sure they receive a copy of the written report that they receive. Collecting evidence that is critical will safeguard your rights.

Consult with an Attorney Today

The circumstances of the accident may affect the damages which a family deserves. This is why it’s crucial to speak with a lawyer skilled in wrongful death and occupational injury law. Cases of this nature might be challenging. You may be sure that you comprehend local legislation as well as any applicable state laws by consulting an expert attorney.

An attorney will examine the accident’s specifics and provide you with the best guidance they can. You can count on our lawyers to get you the compensation you deserve.

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