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Rehab Facility Negligence and Wrongful Death

It can be challenging to deal with a loved one’s loss. Particularly, if the facility providing their care was careless, leading to their death. These facilities at rehab centers must take great care to ensure that patients recover appropriately as they are helping our loved ones deal with a substance misuse problem or recover from a mental disease.

How Can a Facility Act Negligently?

Residents are frequently seen at their worst in drug rehabilitation centers and mental health clinics. Since these facilities are frequently intended for inpatient care, residents must get round-the-clock care and supervision. Providing emergency medical care, mental health counseling, group therapy, medicine, and even supervising those who have suicidal tendencies are all examples of what this can entail. But much like nursing homes, these establishments can turn into havens for incompetence and abuse.

Negligence can take many different forms, from employees abusing residents to managers hiring underqualified staff or delaying care. Although no patient at a rehab or mental health facility should ever be mistreated, abuse and neglect cause catastrophic injuries and even fatalities in many cases throughout California. Several forms of this include:

  • Sexual abuse
  • Psychological abuse
  • Physical assaults, pushing, or constraints imposed by force
  • Healthcare and insurance fraud are both examples of financial fraud.
  • Not giving the essential therapies
  • Lack of compliance with pharmaceutical dosing frequently results in overdoses
  • Failing to keep a facility hygienic and tidy
  • Disregard for treatment guidelines
  • Failing to inquire about the health or status of a resident
  • Having no federal or state certifications
  • Lack of employee training – Employing risky or inexperienced personnel
  • Facility with insufficient staff
  • Falls-risk factors

To get the best care for their ailments, many locals voluntarily visit rehab or mental health clinics. Whatever the situation, employees, and administrators should take all reasonable precautions to prevent harm to residents, even if a staff member caused such harm. So if a facility knew that a staff member was abusive or posed a risk to residents, it should fire that person right away. Regrettably, many facilities ignore these problems for financial gain, frequently at the expense of their patients.

State and Federal Regulations for Rehab and Treatment Facilities

Drug and alcohol treatment centers as well as mental health facilities have come under fire throughout the years for failing to uphold residents’ rights and safeguard them from mistreatment or neglect. Due to these failures, a number of laws are protecting inhabitants and providing stringent guidelines that facilities must follow.

Monitoring of treatment facilities in the state of California is the responsibility of several governmental organizations, including:

  • Management of psychiatric institutions is the responsibility of the Department of psychiatric Health.
  • Addiction recovery services are in supervision by the Department of Alcohol and Drug Services.
  • The management of the mental health services offered in youth detention facilities falls under the purview of the Division of youth Justice.

Any inpatient patients who need help with mental health issues, and drug and alcohol dependency. These departments in addition to The Department of Health Care Services treat suicidal ideation. A number of laws that are applicable on both the state and federal levels are also used to enforce this monitoring.

Strong and Caring Legal Help When You Need It Most

It can be very taxing to go through the process of filing a wrongful death claim when all you want to do is concentrate on giving your loved one a decent funeral and healing emotionally from this awful occurrence. But, wrongful death claims are subject to a rigorous statute of limitations, or deadline, in California. The establishment that hurt your loved one can escape punishment.

Contact Kaass Law if you lost a loved one as a result of a rehab or treatment center’s negligence. Our lawyer can thoroughly research your case to discover whether a facility contributed to the loss of your loved one. He is an ardent advocate for victims of negligence throughout California. Call our office at (310) 943-1171 to find out how to hold a negligent treatment or rehab institution accountable in a claim. Certainly be sure to visit our other website for more information on potential motorcycle-related wrongful death claims.

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