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Fatal Poisoning Or Overdose Injuries

Poisoning occurs more frequently than either vehicle accidents or drowning. The CDC found that poisoning is the greatest cause of injury-related fatalities across all age categories. Unintentional poisoning claimed the lives of 65,773 people in 2019. It is about twice as many as those dying in car accidents or slip-and-fall incidents.

If the victim survives, poisoning is a horrific ordeal; if not, it is heartbreaking. You and your family may be eligible for compensation if a loved one passed away as a result of unintentional exposure to a toxin or a pharmacological interaction with a prescription drug. Contact our attorneys at KAASS Law right now for sympathetic legal counsel regarding this.

Accidental Poisoning Types

Although New Orleans is a lovely city, the old-fashioned architecture is full of opportunities for exposure to numerous contaminants. Particularly susceptible to exposure, sickness, and even death, are children. However, adults are still in danger and statistically more likely to pass away from accidental overdose or poisoning.

Different areas of personal injury law apply to various kinds of poisonings. For instance, lead or carbon monoxide poisoning may fall under the category of premises liability. Perhaps a hotel’s owner neglected to install a functioning carbon monoxide detector or never had the old, lead-painted drywall removed. The property owner is in charge of ensuring that their establishment complies with all applicable state and federal safety regulations.

An overdose may constitute medical malpractice or the producer of the drug or dietary supplement may be responsible. Medical negligence would occur if the sufferer was given drugs by the same doctor that are known to interact negatively. The same holds if two different doctors are prescribing the drugs, and the doctor who was prescribing the second drug was aware that the patient previously had the first one.

Drug producers must disclose adequate side effects and cautions on both their goods and websites. Liability for pharmaceutical drugs might be challenging to establish because there are still one or more intermediaries between the maker and the patient, even if the drug is harmful or defective. The doctor and pharmacist must inform the patient about the dangers associated with the medicine.

How to Respond to Poison

Contact the Poison Control Center right away if you or a loved one unintentionally consume a poison. Only Poison Control can advise you on how to safely treat poisoning, however, the majority of cases may be monitored and managed at home. If the patient is unresponsive, bleeding, or frothing at the mouth, call an ambulance right away. It’s important to understand which toxin the patient has been using.

If the poisoning was on someone else’s property, such as a hotel or place of business, or if the landlord’s negligence is the cause of it, the property owner may be accountable. You deserve financial recompense since treating major poisoning damage can result in high medical costs. Pharmaceutical product liability is a very complex subject, and these instances demand careful study if the medication is the cause of poisoning.

Contact Kaass Law Wrongful Death Attorneys Today

To get the proof you need to prove your case, contact an attorney as soon as possible if you or a loved one has been hurt by a prescription drug or accidentally ingested anything poisonous. Contact a Los Angeles Attorney today for a consultation on your case. Wrongful death cases are one of our many practices. Please dial 310.943.1171 to speak to our specialized attorneys. Call us now!

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