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Construction Sites Accident Wrongful Death

Construction sites are dangerous places. The contractors and subcontractors often work with heavy equipment, machinery, and materials that can cause serious injuries. People who sustain injuries at work may be able to sue independent contractors or other negligent parties in a personal injury case. The family or other loved ones of a wrongful death victim may potentially file a wrongful death lawsuit.

Accidents on Construction Sites and Negligent Third Parties

Accidents in the construction business come with high-risk injuries. These can range from minor to severe injuries. Construction sites are notoriously dangerous and often result in severe injury or even death. Below is a list of a few potential mishaps that might be the result of a careless third party:

  • Falls from a high area without a railing
  • Drop down the makeshift stairwell
  • Slip and fall on a slippery surface
  • A slip on slick flooring

A building project frequently involves several different parties, and any of them might contribute to risky circumstances that could lead to an accident. Third parties that may be considered negligent. Below are some examples of third parties that may play a role in a construction site wrong death claim.

Property Owner

According to California law, a property owner is liable for damages brought on by willful misconduct or a lack of reasonable care in property management. In addition, the owner may be considered partially responsible for the accident if they are aware of a construction hazard but do nothing about it.

Contractors and Subcontractors

Contractors might be accountable for any harm that employees or visitors in their care inflict while on their site. In other words, this suggests that the general contractor might be accountable if an employee suffers an occupational disease or dies due to unsafe work practices that are resulting by other contractors on the construction site who disregard safety regulations. Contractors that do not follow safety regulations may jeopardize their employees and everyone else in the vicinity.

Other Employees

One of these risks is a site accident, which can happen as a result of an employee’s carelessness or neglect. Despite receiving sufficient training from their business, an employee’s negligence or carelessness might nonetheless result in a site accident.

How Does Someone Else’s Negligence Affect Your Case?

Most personal injury lawsuits are based on another party’s negligence. To establish negligence in a construction accident lawsuit, a plaintiff must demonstrate the following:

  1. Overall, the defendant owed the plaintiff a duty of care; the defendant broke this obligation through negligence, and the defendant’s fault had a major role in causing suffering or death.
  2. Furthermore, if the plaintiff can show that the defendant was negligent in causing the construction accident, the defendant will be accountable for the plaintiff’s damages.

Defective Products

A poor or subpar product may be at blame for certain mishaps. Product liability laws hold whomever produces, manufactures, or sells a faulty product fully accountable for any harm caused by it. Even if the author, producer, or sale was not negligent, they are nonetheless liable.

Fatal Construction Sites Accident

Workers’ compensation may cover construction-related injuries incurred on the job. Depending on who was injured and who was at fault for the accident, the injured construction worker or the wrongful death victim’s dependents may be eligible to file a personal injury claim.

Contact a personal injury lawyer at Kaass Law to find out if you are eligible to file a wrongful death or personal injury claim. If someone you know on a construction site in California, contact an experienced injury attorney right away to find out your rights. One of our many areas of expertise is wrongful death claims. Speak with a professional attorney for your case by getting in touch with our office. Please call us at 310.943.1171 to get in touch.

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