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Emergency Room: Wrongful Death Claim

When a patient visits the emergency room, he e places his trust in the doctors and nurses who respond to emergencies to provide appropriate medical care. Unfortunately, mistakes can happen, and the results can be terrible for the individual patient and his or her family. Failure to detect cardiac problems, failure to order medical testing, failure to notice a life-threatening occurrence such as appendicitis, failure to recognize stroke, and premature release are some of the most common errors in emergency rooms. You might be entitled to obtain damages if your loved one died due to wrongful death caused by emergency room negligence. Kaass Law wrongful death attorneys may analyze your case and advise you on your legal options.

Common Emergency Room Mistakes Resulting in Wrongful Death

A triage method prioritizes a patient’s condition based on the severity of his damage. This means a patient with a high priority will be treated before a lower priority level.

Misdiagnosis during the triage stage is one of the leading causes of medical negligence, which can result in wrongful death. Other serious causes are the following:

  • Medication mistakes

A provider prescribes or administers the incorrect drug and/or dosage.

  • Lack of Medical History

Emergency room personnel must obtain the patient’s medical history. This information includes vital details such as the patient’s weight, age, current medications, and preexisting medical issues. Failure to gather this information may result in the doctor giving a medication to which the patient is allergic or performing a procedure that is not medically necessary.

  • Inadequate Care

A clinician may fail to deliver a reasonable standard of care to a patient, similar to medical malpractice in any environment. For example, neglecting to properly close and clean a wound can lead to a severe and potentially fatal infection.

  • Early Discharge

Early discharge happens when a patient is released before it is medically safe to do so. Once released, the patient’s condition deteriorates and can lead to death.

  • Not Monitoring the Patient’s Health Properly

An emergency room may be a hectic place. Staff who are overburdened may fail to appropriately monitor a patient with a significant medical condition, resulting in his death.

  • Miscommunication

A hospital’s emergency departments are busy places. Communication is essential for patient health when there are many patients to handle and many staff members to coordinate. Unfortunately, poor communication among healthcare professionals frequently leads to injuries that require hospitalization.

  • Not the Following Protocol

Most emergency rooms have set specific protocols to help with patient health and safety.  The ER may overlook these procedures. As a result, medical staff is either under or unqualified to undertake specific treatments.

Who Can Be Liable for Wrongful Death in Emergency Room?

All medical staff members who contributed to the damage may be accountable for emergency room negligence in California. There must be a comprehensive investigation to identify who was responsible for the injuries. That is why it is crucial to enlist the aid of a skilled medical malpractice lawyer. Potential defendants include, for example:

  • Doctors
  • Hospitals
  • Pharmaceutical businesses
  • Nurses
  • Medical assistants

What is the Statute of Limitation For Bringing a Wrongful Death Claim in California?

You have got two years to bring a wrongful death claim in California.

In cases involving government entities and personnel, special regulations apply. You must file a wrongful death lawsuit within six months against a California government entity or a government employee.

Discuss Your Case with California Medical Malpractice Attorney

Under Carolina law, you have rights and remedies if you lose a loved one due to medical misconduct at an emergency department. Don’t hesitate to contact our knowledgeable and caring staff at Kaass Law immediately for a consultation. Give us a call at 310.943.1171 or visit our website for other practices.

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