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California Peer-to-Peer Car Rental Insurance Coverage


Peer-to-peer car rental sharing apps and services, such as Turo or Gertaround which allows you to rent another person’s vehicle. There are a few things to keep in mind when using such service, such as insurance covered and P2P car sharing liability issues.

If I Rent a Car Through a P2P Car Sharing App Will My Personal Auto Insurance Cover The Damages?

If you are wondering if your personal auto insurance will cover your auto damage in the event the you rented a car and were involved in an accident you will have to check the language in your own policy. Many auto insurance companies included language which specifically excludes coverage if you’re using a P2P vehicle. While your personal car insurance covers traditional rentals, it may not cover peer-to-peer car sharing.

Car Sharing Insurance Claims and Coverages

Often, car sharing companies such as Turn, generally provided basic insurance plans, however they carry very low limits, thus it’s worth spending more to get top-tier plans to increase coverage in the event the renter of your car is involved in an auto accident. Therefore, you will need to purchase the car-sharing company’s auto insurance to be sufficiently covered

What is the Deductible if P2P Rental was Involved in Auto Accident Using Turo?

If you were involved in an auto accident using a Turo peer-to-peer rental car, you will be charged a deductible, typically from $1,000 to $3,000 if the company needs to file a claim.

What Risks Should Owners That Participate in P2P Car-Sharing Be Aware of?

Participation in any peer-to-peer sharing apps comes with risks, especially in your renting your car out. The most obvious risks is potential damages to your vehicle, fighting with the insurance companies to receive a fair market value for your car in the event. Further, if you don’t notify your insurance company that you’re renting out your car and or your participation in a P2P car-sharing you may potentially be at risk of having your policy canceled. Thus, its best to check with your insurer before placing your car for rent on a car-sharing app.

If I Rent My Car Through a P2P Car Sharing App Does My Insurance Cover My Car?

If you rent your car through a PTP car sharing App such as Turo, generally your car will not be covered unless you have a commercial auto insurance police. Personal auto insurance policies are now being written to specifically exclude peer car-sharing apps from coverage. While, companies such as Uber or Lyft provide liability insurance coverage to accommodate peer-to-peer car sharing it is best you check if the P2P car sharing company you are participating offers such coverage. Turo, works a bit different than Uber and Lyft liability insurance claims.

Turo Liability Insurance Coverage for Car Owner

Turo’s Primary liability insurance coverage covers the car owner up to $1,000,000; protection for physical damage to your car is provided without deductible for the Premium and Standard host protection plans, and with a $3,000 deductible for the Basic plan.

Turo Premium and Standard Liability Insurance Plans

Under Turo’s premium and standard liability insurance plans, car owners receive the actual cash value of their car or up to $125,000, in the even the vehicle is deemed as totaled. Coverage is not available for hosts who are not utilizing a Turo protection plan. More over, primary liability coverage up to $1,000,000; no protection for physical damage to your car.

  • Delivery Period (when the host or designee, who is a “Turo Approved Driver,” is actively delivering the car to the guest, and not while retrieving the car from the guest).

Turo’s Premium Insurance Plan: Liability Coverage for Renters

Per Turos Premium Plan haves insurance liability coverage up to to $1,000,000. Physical damage to the car covered up to the actual cash value of the car. No deductible for the supplemental liability coverage. Turo’s premium liability insurance insurance is secondary to any other insurance the renter may have, however as mentioned, often times your own insurance will exclude coverage for car-sharing services. Lastly, once you’ve exhausted your own insurance for physical damage, your out-of-pocket expense is limited to $500.

Rental Car Turo Liability Insurance for Owner

Liability coverage for owners who rent their car out using Turo are covered up to a combined single limit of $1,000,000 for liability. Coverage includes personal liability for the renter, third-party liability for passengers and other affected parties, and third-party property damage arising from a car accident. Comprehensive and collision coverage The collision coverage provided protects the owner’s vehicle in the event of an accident. Liability insurance coverage applies for the duration of each rental, from start to finish, and includes liability, collision and comprehensive.

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