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Burn Injuries Resulting in Wrongful Death

It is always hard to experience the wrongful death of a family member. However, the pain and rage may be more intense if the person dies from smoke inhalation due to a fire. Under California law, a surviving family member can receive financial compensation if he lost a loved one in a fire-related accident. It is important to get the help of a burn injury attorney as soon as possible. Kaass Law experienced burn injury attorneys can help you to get fair compensation.

What Can Lead to Burn Injuries?

Burn injuries can result from a wide range of mishaps and circumstances. Burn injuries frequently occur as a result of the following:

  • Accidents involving motorcycles and cars
  • Recreational accidents and boating accidents
  • Train mishaps
  • Faulty and hazardous goods, including combustible goods
  • Dangerous conditions and premises responsibility
  • Fires in homes and businesses
  • Mishaps in construction involving electrical burns
  • Scalding

Premises Liability

Premises liability cases are among the most common types of fire-related fatalities. We typically conceive of premises liability regarding slip-and-fall accidents (i.e., the property owner/manager is liable for someone’s injuries if they slip and fall). However, if a fire starts on the owner’s property due to maintenance or fire safety breaches, the owner can be liable for any injuries or deaths.

Product Liability

Deaths caused by fires are typically the result of poor items, either in design or construction. Electronics that catch fire unexpectedly are another common recent example, as are the several “hoverboards” that have recently caught fire. Thus, the manufacturer may be accountable if a defective product starts a fire that kills someone you care about.

Car Accidents Leading to Burn Injuries

Although fatal car accidents are typically the subject of wrongful death lawsuits, we include car accidents in this section because they can occasionally cause fires. If a car catches fire due to an accident and your loved one perishes from burns or smoke inhalation, you may be able to bring a wrongful death claim against the driver at fault and, in some circumstances, the automobile’s manufacturer.

Workplace Accidents

Companies have a responsibility to give their workers a safe workplace. Each year, numerous fatalities are caused by unsafe working conditions, including fires that started without cause—whether due to fire code violations or unsafely operated machinery. Worker’s compensation offers a death benefit to the families of workers killed in workplace accidents. Yet if the cause of death was a fire, it could be harder to get that benefit or it might not be enough to compensate for the loss. Moreover, in some circumstances, you might be qualified to bring a separate lawsuit for wrongful death against a third party who started the fire.

Medical Malpractice Leading to Burn Injuries

A healthcare professional may subject your loved one to excessive radiation, which might harm his skin. Also, when receiving physical therapy, your loved one:

  • Can be exposed to harmful levels of electricity,
  • Get burned by heated blankets while a doctor tries to control his body temperature
  • Suffer burn injuries during laser eye surgery.

With the assistance of a California medical malpractice attorney, you can bring a medical malpractice claim against the responsible party.

Contact Experienced Wrongful Death Attorney at Kaass Law

You might be entitled to launch a wrongful death claim if your family member died from burn injuries that were not his fault. Children, domestic partners, survivors who are spouses, and other parties are eligible to bring a wrongful death lawsuit.

You might get monetary compensation through this sort of legal action for funeral and burial costs, lost services that your loved one would have rendered, financial assistance, and lost companionship. To discuss your case with a burn injury attorney at Kaass Law. Dial (310) 943-1171 to reach us straight now.

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