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Cruise Ship Accidents Resulting In Wrongful Death

We are here to guide you if you don’t know what to do in cruise ship accidents. Even though taking a cruise shouldn’t be dangerous, catastrophic accidents on cruise ships and at port locations happen disturbingly frequently. Cruise companies often do not protect the safety of their passengers and staff members. When accidents do occur, the surviving family members are left wondering what went wrong and how they will be able to move on. Kaass Law attorneys have years of expertise representing individuals and families in situations involving cruise ship accidents.

Cases of Wrongful Death on Cruise Ships

In wrongful death lawsuits brought against cruise companies and other parties, we represent the families of passengers and crew members. All cruise lines and ports, both domestically and internationally, are covered by the cases we handle. This covers incidents involving accidents and other decedents for reasons like:

  • Assaults both on board and in port
  • Maladies that are contagious and foodborne
  • Incompetence in medicine in cruise ship facilities
  • Drownings at sea
  • Accidents on the roller coaster, climbing wall, and other onboard entertainment
  • Snorkeling and scuba diving mishaps
  • Coastal excursion mishaps
  • Drowning pool mishaps
  • Accidents involving other boats, ferries, and tenders
  • Accidents involving cars and scooters at ports
  • Weather-related collisions on cruise ships

We strongly advise contacting a cruise ship wrongful death attorney at Kaas Law if you have lost a loved one on a cruise in any other situation. We will carefully evaluate your family’s legal options, and if your family has a claim, we will certainly fight to get your family the settlement it is due.

Families’ Rights Following Fatal Cruise Ship Accidents

Under U.S. maritime law, families who have lost passengers and crew members in catastrophic cruise ship incidents have certain legal rights. Protecting these legal rights is essential for obtaining restitution and starting the healing process. Families’ legal rights in wrongful death situations aboard cruise ships include:

  •  Investigate Wrongful Death Accident

Your family has the right to launch a private investigation, and starting one right away will be crucial to gather the proof required to defend your family’s legal rights. Thus call Kaass Law attorneys today to gather the relevant facts and develop a clear understanding of what occurred and why by using their experience in these matters.

  • Possess the Records and Other Documents

Families have the right to ask the cruise company or other responsible party for records and other documents and establish proof of responsibility through an investigation. Additionally, families can request “discovery” from the at-fault party’s personnel and maintenance records, internal correspondence, and other pertinent documents by bringing a wrongful death action.

  •  Hold Liable Parties Accountable

Whether the cruise line, an excursion operator, or another company is liable for your loved one’s death, your family has the right to hold the at-fault party responsible. In some cases, multiple parties will share responsibility. Kaass Law cruise ship wrongful death attorneys can evaluate your family’s legal options in detail and pursue any claims that may be appropriate.

Recovering Damages in a Wrongful Death Case

According to U.S. maritime law, families are entitled to fair compensation for all losses incurred as a result of the loss of a loved one. This include:

  • Payment for medical expenses
  • Loss of inheritance and income
  • The breakup of a relationship
  • Loss of consortium
  • As well as various types of financial and non-financial harm

Families, however, only have one opportunity to obtain this compensation. Therefore, they must rely on a knowledgeable cruise ship wrongful death attorney to assist them in enforcing their legal rights.

Contact a California Wrongful Death Attorney Today!

You must immediately contact a wrongful death attorney if a loved one dies in a fatal cruise ship accident. You might need to move swiftly to safeguard your family’s legal rights because the cruise company is not on your side. We can begin defending your family’s legal rights right away, thanks to our lawyers’ experience in similar situations. Additionally, contact Kaass Law at (310) 943-1171 to schedule a consultation or visit our website for other practices.

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