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What to do in a Roof Fall Accident in California? 

Who may be responsible for the Roof Accident in California?

Anyone who acts with negligence and causes harm to another, thus breaching their duty of care, may be liable for any damages under California law.

If proven guilty, the following individuals or groups may be held accountable for a roofing accident:

The Roofing firm, Property owner, Renter or landlord, Property manager, Neighbor, Construction company, Ladder manufacturer, Contractor or subcontractor, or Government agency.

Even if the person who caused the accident had no prior knowledge of the damaged victim, he or she can be held liable for negligence that resulted in harm. Hiring a lawyer is usually the best option when determining somebody is accountable for damages in a roof fall accident.

How can a Person Prove who is responsible for a Roof Accident in California?

A party is held accountable for their actions or inactions that resulted in injury in a negligence lawsuit, however, in order to prove a party is accountable it must be proven. In the case of a roof fall accident what must be proven is as follows:

  • the defendant owed the plaintiff a duty of care,
  • that the defendant breached that duty of care by negligent action or omission, and
  • The defendant’s carelessness was a material factor in causing harm or death to win a negligence claim.

Can I sue the Roofing Company for something that their employee has done in California?

An employer may be liable for damages caused by an employee’s negligence under California’s “respondeat superior” statutes. Accidents involving roofing can be catastrophic and may require costly medical treatment. If roofing installation is inadequate, it may lead to lengthy house repairs. Suing a roofing worker who may not have the money to pay for the damages may seem pointless to an accident victim, therefore, the injured party can pursue the employer (who is also likely to carry insurance).

Can the owner of the property be responsible for the Roofing Accident?

The property owner or occupant may be held accountable whenever a person falls off a roof due to hazardous circumstances on the roof. Property owners owe a duty of care to others on their property under California’s premise liability rules. Property owners and occupants have a responsibility to keep the premises in a reasonably safe state. This includes a commitment to exercise reasonable caution in detecting any potentially hazardous conditions.

For More Questions Regarding Determining Liability in a Roof fall Accident

If you or someone you know has been injured in a roofing accident the attorneys at KAASS Law are ready to help you determine your options, please contact us at 310.943.1171.

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