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Lane Splitting Motorcycle Accident Insurance Claims

Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

California Motorcycle Lane Splitting Law

Lane splitting happens when a motorcycle drives between two lanes of stopped or slowly moving cars. Thus, many drivers will notice motorcyclist drive in between two lanes. Usually, we will notice many motorcyclists’ split lanes during rush-hour traffic on interstate 5, i405, or 134 freeways. So what happens if an accident occurs while a motorcycle is lane splitting? Well truth is, proving if the driver or rider was at fault can get a bit tricky. This may depend on a number of factors, such as if the driver or rider was speeding, driving recklessly, what the police officer determined or noted in police report
Is Lane Splitting Legal?

Not all states allow lane splitting, but in California, motorcyclist are legally allowed to lane split. However, only if the rider acts in a reasonably safe and prudent manner.

Accidents While Lane Splitting: Who is Liable?

Lane splitting can be the cause for accidents due to little amount of space to maneuver through. If an accident occurs while the motorcyclist is lane splitting, more times than not, the driver will blame the rider for the accident. Also, if the insurance adjuster or a police report finds the motorcyclist’s carelessness or the unsafe riding as for the cause of the accident, the rider may find it difficult to recover damages. Thus, it is probably best motorcyclist immediately seek advice from an experienced motorcycle attorney. Hiring a Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer may help preserve your claim. Also, one of the most detrimental things a motorcyclist can do is submit to an recorded statement to the opposing insurance company. If you were involved in an motorcycle accident you call us directly and request a free consultation.

Factors Which May Help Your Motorcycle Accident Lane Splitting Claim:

  • You were riding carefully and were not speeding or weaving between cars;

  • The driver of another car or truck was doing something even more dangerous than lane splitting — for instance the driver was:
    • On a their cell phone texting or on a phone call;
    • Driver quickly changed lanes without signaling;
    • Driver drifted from one lane into another;
    • Driver was distracted or;
    • Driver was speeding

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