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How a Business Startup Lawyer Can Aid Your Company

Startup Lawyer los angeles

Hiring a business startup lawyer in Los Angeles can get a costly. There is hope! Many firms, including KAASS Law understand the set-backs businesses and startups encounter, especially when it comes to capital. The good news is our business lawyers offer various fee options and try and work around the startup’s budget.

Without sounding too bias, hiring an experienced attorney from the get-go may make a huge difference in any business, including startups. In doing so, but specifically early in the process may help in avoiding huge costs that may crop up down the line due to an unexpected turn of events. With any business or project it’s safe to say, it is usually important to have a solid foundation before adding the other layers.

Selecting the Right Business Model:

There are a plethora of business models including the corporation and corporate sub-types, limited liability companies (LLC), and partnerships, such as Limited Liability Partnerships, General Partnerships, and so forth.

Drafting Agreements and Other Documents:

There are a wide variety of important legal documents and business decisions that an experienced business attorney may assist with including: incorporating or executing an operating agreement, choosing the state of incorporation, executing non-compete and non-disclosure agreements, hiring and classifying employees, independent contractors, and consultants, and other business transaction agreements.

Prevent Costly Litigation:

Our business startup attorneys have years of experience in representing business clients with their operating needs. By hiring an expert attorney early in the process you plan for the unexpected and avoid the pitfalls of costly litigation.

Creation of Partnership:

Two or more partners are needed to form a partnership and it doesn’t require formalities. General partnership can be formed by a(n) written/oral partnership agreement or simply by partners’ conducts. In contrast, in most states, the number of people needed to form a corporation varies. Limited Liability Companies require paying a fee and filing your business with the secretary of state. Choosing your startup’s entity formation depends on, amongst other factors, what your objectives and goals are, liability concerns, and tax preferences.

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