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  1. Someone

    Hi, do the lawyers at KAASS LAW service people for cases in all of Los Angeles County or do you guys only service cases at the downtown LA Court and Glendale Court?


    Our Attorneys serve all of Southern California and its Courthouses, both State and Federal. WE serve Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside, and San Diego Counties. We have Business, Immigration, Injury, Criminal, and a few specialty areas such as Trademarks, Copyrights, and Class Actions. Learn more Here.

  3. Someone

    I was involed in 3 vehicle automobile accident with my motorcycle, a semitruck ans another car. Insurance companies are still determining liability and i have a broken femur, a shattered wrist and had to 12 stiches on my head. I feel like I may have a concussion. I dont have medical insurance to cover treatment, I want to know if there is anything I can do to get treatmeat without medical insurance?


    The US citizen spouse applies for the alien spouse, and the alien spouse applies to adjust their status at the same time. Client HERE to learn more.


    Our specialized Personal Injury Team always instructs that you preserve you claim as soon as possible to speaking to a lawyer live. Speak to a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer now by clicking CALL. However, depending on fault, you may be eligible to recover monies and damages for Past and Future Medical Bills, Past and Future Loss of Wages, Past and Future Transportation Costs, Past and Future Loss of Enjoyment of Life, Past and Physical/Mental Pain and Suffering, Physical Impairment, Grief, Anxiety, Humiliation, Emotional Distress. However, if you did not have insurance at the time of the accident you may come under the Financial Responsibility Law, California Proposition 213, which restricts non-insured victims from recovering non-economic damages. Basically meaning you may only recover economics damages–monies for Bills, Loss of Wages, and any other loss that you can directly objectively quantify. No recovery for Pain and Suffering loss that requires a subjective quantification. However, this said there are EXCEPTIONS and instances were our FIRM may choose to contest the law and push forward, depending on the facts. Yours may qualify, Speak to our Award Winning Lawyers by clicking HERE.

    Insurance: Since there are a couple vehicles involved all of their insurance coverage may be applicable. Usually most trucks have commercial insurance policies with coverage ranging from $50,000 -$2,000,0000. Insurance are regulated and need follow procedure. IF the opposing parties do not have insurance, you may go through your UNINSURED MOTORIST coverage if you have any.

    We are sorry to hear your loss and hope you have a quick and favorably recovery. Give us a CALL and make and APPOINTMENT for more details and a Free assessment of your case and claim.

  6. Someone

    My wife filed a Temporary Restraining Order against me when I was out of the country and she got a judgment for a Permanent Restraining Order at Van Nuys Court. Can I throw this out somehow, I never knew about it?

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