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Are Intersection Accidents Avoidable?

Intersections are usually dangerous since they have many lanes of traffic and pedestrians crossing the road with many drivers in vehicles who don’t pay attention. A short error in judgment on the part of another driver is all it takes to transform someone’s life forever.

Drivers must be aware of their surroundings and other drivers on the road to avoid these crashes. Intersections with a high volume of traffic can pose greater risks because more people may be driving through at any given time. It is important for drivers to take caution when approaching an intersection to reduce the risk of an accident or injury.

How Do Intersection Accidents Occur?

Intersection collisions are frequently side-impact events in which one vehicle’s front end collides with the driver or passenger side of another. Because the side of an automobile offers significantly less protection than the front and back, these collisions can be fatal.

Vulnerable road users, such as cyclists and pedestrians, are commonly involved in intersection crashes. A split-second change in who had the right of way could determine who was at fault in a junction incident. Witnesses may vary as to which automobile entered the intersection first or what color the traffic signal was.

Car accidents and collisions continue to occur at junctions throughout Los Angeles. You are entitled to compensation regardless of where you were harmed and whether or not a reckless driver was to fault.

Intersection Collisions in Los Angeles: The Most Common Causes

Intersection accidents are caused primarily by driver negligence, not only in Los Angeles but throughout California.  This is because they are primarily caused by driver negligence, not only at intersections but anywhere on the road. When drivers run red lights or stop signs, it increases their risk of having an accident. The following are the most typical reasons of intersection collisions:

Failure to Stop at a Red Light – At a red light, all drivers must come to a complete stop. Failure to do so may result in a collision with drivers who have the green light or who are turning left. Also, before performing a right-hand turn, a driver must come to a complete stop. When drivers fail to do so before turning, they are more likely to miss oncoming vehicles or pedestrians attempting to cross, resulting in catastrophic intersection collisions.

Accelerating to pass the Yellow light – A yellow traffic light warns vehicles that the light is about to turn red, indicating that they should slow down and stop. Los Angeles drivers, on the other hand, are frequently in a hurry and race through intersections in order to beat the light. Drivers frequently violate the speed limit, colliding with other vehicles in the intersection.

Rear ending collision – Rear-end collisions are the most common form of car accident in Los Angeles, with majority of them occurring at junctions. Aggressive drivers behind them frequently rear-end drivers who slow down for yellow lights or fail to recognize that the light has changed from red to green.

Making a left turn – Before proceeding with a left turn at an intersection, drivers must look for incoming traffic and pedestrians. Because left-turn accidents are so common in Los Angeles, arrow signals are being put at junctions to limit the amount of left-turn accidents.

If you have been involved in an intersection collision, please do not hesitate to give us a call. Our attorney will be able to help you receive the right compensation for your case. Give our office a call at (310) 943-1171.

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