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Wrongful Death During Protest

Even though it may not be a person’s top concern after losing a loved one, it is crucial for the decedent’s descendants to consider doing so as soon as is practical. In addition to the profound emotional anguish brought on by the loss, families who lose a loved one may face extreme money difficulties.

Who Is Liable If an Unjustified Death Occurs During a Protest?

When determining whether to participate in a protest, keep in mind that doing so automatically increases your vulnerability. Except in particular circumstances, your legal protection for injuries decreases as you leave the security of privately owned homes.

The state in which you reside cannot be held accountable for injuries caused by third parties, regardless of where the damage occurred, as prior legal decisions have repeatedly concluded.

Additional Protestors and Protest Organizers

The individual who immediately causes the protester’s damage will likely bear the most straightforward and likely blame for it.

Yet, if someone else’s carelessness directly results in your damage, you may have a personal injury lawsuit. If carelessness during a protest results in an unsafe environment, the event’s organizers may be subject to liability for your injuries. In the event that there was inadequate security at the event, you may be able to file a complaint against the attacker and a premises liability lawsuit against the event organizers, if you have injuries.

If you have sustained injuries in a pedestrian accident, the event’s organizers may also be liable. Whenever required, march planners must collaborate with the police and municipalities to properly close streets. If organizers encourage participants to use the streets without shutting them, they may be responsible if they have sustained injuries in a collision with a car or bicycle.

Building Owners

While the majority of Indianapolis’ demonstrations have occurred on public streets, some protesters may get injuries while traveling to or from the event on private property, such as a parking garage.

In these situations, the standard premises liability requirements are still in effect: the victim of the accident must be able to prove that the property owner was negligent in providing adequate security for visitors while they were on the premises. This may consist of, but is not restricted to:

  • Slick stairs or floors
  • Broken appliances
  • Code infractions
  • Ice or snow that has not yet been removed
  • Incorrectly labeled dangers

If one of the aforementioned factors contributed to your protest-related injury, you may have a strong case for premises responsibility.

Local Authorities

In exceptional cases, the city may be responsible for injuries during a protest. During scheduled protests or rallies, police officers and other security personnel are routinely assisting, and officials frequently require that the event organizers take additional safety precautions.

On the other hand, the planning of a protest may be poor, insufficient, or ignorant of the protestors. If safety procedures are not demonstrating safety and precaution, the city may be responsible for the causation of injuries. An illustration would be failing to offer protesters multiple exits from an event at any one time.

Although they don’t happen often, these circumstances do happen. If you believe that the city’s carelessness contributed to your losses, contact a personal injury expert.

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