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Waterpark Accident Resulting in Wrongful Death

A fatal accident is not an uncommon casualty. The majority of the country’s water parks offer family-friendly enjoyment with aquatic attractions, water slides, and other associated rides. Also, water parks can be found on the grounds of bigger amusement parks or as part of a resort.

The following popular attractions include:

  • Water slides
  • Rapid river rides
  • Swimming pools with waves
  • Rides in amusement parks
  • Attractions based on the beach
  • Water slides in the traditional sense
  • Splash pads, geysers, fountains, and sprays are all available.

Dangers in Waterpark Accident

Many families enjoy water park activities to “beat the heat” during the warmest months of the year. Water park operators may be fatigued in the heat while working long hours throughout the day to make certain of everyone’s safety.

Therefore, the water park operator is one of the parties responsible for assuring every guest’s safety by hiring and training a suitable number of lifeguards, restricting access to risky areas, making water slides safe, and maintaining the grounds sufficiently.

Poorly maintained rides caused many tragic casualties in waterpark accident, unfortunately leaving victims seriously disabled. Days might start off pleasant but finish up with devastating injuries after falling from a collapsing ride or a steep waterslide.

Waterpark Accident: Common Causes

Water parks are typically very congested, surpassing the park’s capacity and leaving the lifeguards scrambling to ensure everyone’s safety. Ride operators and water park personnel are fatigued, and parkgoers are there to enjoy themselves and are not always conscious of their surroundings.

Waterpark accidents will occur regardless of how much supervision is provided, increasing the probability of catastrophic water-ride injuries. While each waterpark accident is unique, the following are the most typical forms of waterslide-related injuries:

  • Failure to enforce safety standards and lack of adult supervision
  • Mismanagement of slides contributes to waterpark accidents
  • Water ride design flaws, a lack of quality, and a failure to complete yearly maintenance
  • Manufacturing flaws in equipment and machinery
  • Inadequate water park ride inspections

In addition, the owners and management of waterparks must make sure that the rides are carefully under examination and are free of any hazards or flaws that may cause serious injuries, including cuts or lacerations.

Injuries that Occur Often in Waterpark Accidents

More people die in water park mishaps than in any other type of disaster at water parks, amusement parks, and wave pools. A crowded pool area makes it difficult for lifeguards to recognize when someone is in difficulty, which leads to drownings.

The following wounds are those resulting from waterslide mishaps most frequently:

  • Fatal accidents caused by drowning, electrocution
  • Entering the pool without a life jacket
  • Broken bones as a result of being thrown from a raft
  • Back and neck pain
  • Whiplash occurs
  • Sharp object lacerations and cuts
  • Drowning
  • Brain trauma
  • Slipping and falling with shattered bones as a result of tripping incidents on damp surfaces

The majority of slip-and-fall accidents in water parks, wave pools, and theme parks are minor in nature. Their water park injury generates a liability problem in which the sufferer might seek restitution for their losses.

Wrongful Death Claim at a Water Park

Families who lost a loved one in a fatal waterpark accident mishap may file a wrongful death case to obtain financial recompense. Spouses, kids, parents, and grandparents are frequently eligible family members who need money for things like medical bills, cremation and burial costs, lost wages, and possible lost wages. Also, be sure to check into our other practices in case there are any additional possible instances. Dial 310.943.1171 to reach us.

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