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Santa Clarita Fire Homeowners Smoke and Ash Insurance

Homeowners Insurance Attorneys

Homeowners Insurance AttorneysOver recent years wildfires have caused substantial property damage as drought conditions continue drying out forest land. Currently, that sand fires that swept the Santa Clarita Valley.

Many homeowners should be aware that coverage for damages to their homes and personal property may be available. It is important that California residents living in high risk areas obtain as much coverage for wildfires as possible.

Aside from property damages resulting from the fire itself, soot, smoke, and ash can become a long term health risk if it is not cleaned properly. It is important to review your policy carefully and regularly to ensure you are adequately protected.

What does my homeowner’s policy cover?

The typical homeowner’s policy covers damage due to fires and your insurance company will pay to have your home rebuilt if complete destroyed.

Fires that damage but do not entirely destroy a home are often called “partial losses.” Most homeowner insurance policies cover soot and ash damages caused by fires.

How do I know if there is smoke damage to my home?

Even if there are no obvious or visible damage to your home, it may have been impacted by extreme heat or smoke and therefore should have it thoroughly inspected by an experienced and qualified professional.

So, who pays for the thorough inspection and fix?

Often, your insurer may call a vendor to inspect the damage and determine both the cause of the fire and what repairs may be required.

However, if you believe the inspection has not been conducted properly it is important to consider speaking with a qualified attorney to help property owners find qualified experts to evaluate the damage and the cause, arrange for experienced appraisers to consider the full amount of damage involved, and help property owners recover any compensation he or she is entitled

Does my policy cover home inventory?

To make keeping track of inventory as easy as possible, it is important to keep a good record of inventory with photos, receipts, or videos. A copy of this should be kept in a safe location away from your home.

Will my insurance company pay the extra expense of living elsewhere?

Typically, your insurance company will pay the reasonable cost to maintain your household until your home has been repaired.

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