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Paraglide Accidents and Wrongful Death

Paragliding is a recreational and competitive sport. It captures the excitement of flight without requiring a plane jump-off site, as skydiving does. While paragliding has fewer total injuries than other extreme sports, it does have a higher death rate. It is sometimes possible to prevent paraglide accidents by using the right training and safety gear, but it is not always feasible to take into account all potential risks while in the air. Kaass Law is best if you seek committed, diligent, and knowledgeable attorneys to represent you. Call us at (310) 943-1171 immediately for more details on how we can best represent you.

The Foremost Frequent Reasons for Paraglide Accidents

A paraglider can hop from a few thousand feet or a building. The higher the beginning point, the more unsafe and challenging the flight is for a paraglider pilot. The three most common causes of paraglide accidents are as follows:

  • Weather

Common air conditions can critically affect a flight’s general security. Circumstances such as rain, snow, and solid winds can diminish permeability and make it troublesome to fly a paraglider securely.

  • Personal Mistake

As cliche as it may sound, people make errors. A paraglider should be constructed appropriately before use to prevent problems during flight. It should also be properly linked to the safety harness.

  • Assessing Conditions

Before taking off on a paragliding flight, an individual should survey the climate conditions over and underneath the ground to choose how to ensure his best security. The result of a flight can be influenced by different componentscounting wind bearingshopping statures, and in-flight choices.

Despite, a few other reasons incorporate the following:

  • Parachutes failing to deploy
  • Collisions
  • Rider error
  • Rough landings
  • Lack of training, education, or supervision


Riders are frequently required to sign a waiver or indemnification agreement before being allowed to parachute. According to this waiver, in the event of an accident, the paraglider absolves the excursion’s operator of any responsibility. The paraglider waives all claims against the operator for carelessness and accepts all risks associated with paragliding. Waivers do not entirely release operators from liability, though. Operators must still provide secure and well-maintained machinery, monitor the weather, offer suitable training programs, and determine safe drop heights.

When Can a Surviving Family Member File a Wrongful Death Claim in California?

If your loved one died in a paragliding accident in California, you must act promptly. Typically, wrongful death lawsuits need to be respectful of the two year statute of limitations. The statute of limitations refers to this duration. You won’t be able to receive compensation for harm if you miss the deadline. You should speak with an experienced California wrongful death attorney after the risky accident to ensure that you get compensation.

What Compensation Will You Receive?

  • Economic Damages

Economic damages are awarded to make up for the demonstrable financial losses that families have either suffered or will undoubtedly suffer as a result of the untimely death of a loved one. In California, a wrongful death claimant’s family members may be eligible for the following cash rewards:

  • If the victim was still living, how much money they might have brought in for the family;
  • The absence of benefits or gifts that the victim’s family member would have provided;
  • Funeral and burial expenses, including lodging and travel;
  • Medical expenses etc.
  • Non-Economic Damages

Correspondingly, non-economic damages are recoverable:
  • Loss of the victim’s training and direction.
  • Loss of the victim’s love, companionship, comfort, care, aid, protection, affection, society, and moral support. 
  • Pain and suffering

Call California Wrongful Death Attorneys Today!

We represent victims and surviving family members with the legal right to seek financial compensation for any monetary damages, including medical expenditures, missed work time, injuries, etc. As a result, our legal experts at Kaass Law can assess your case and hold all guilty parties accountable for their negligence. Call us today at (310) 943-1171. Lastly, visit our website for more information on other cases we specialize in.

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