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Have You Ever Been Burned by a Curling Wand?

In this article, we will explore the need for accurate designs and effective warning labels on hair tools. In most cases, there are very hot tools involved in the process of getting ready, like with a curling wand. Now, you may be wondering what this article will inform you of, this article will look more closely at some things to consider when using such a product.

What Makes a Product Defective by Design?

How is a product defective by design? There are different designs on curling wands. If a curling iron has any part that could be potentially harmful to a consumer, consider it defective. What is a defective product? In simple terms, a defective product is when the way a product is designed is dangerous for the regular consumer. However, there are many ways to avoid a defective product. If curlers have a stand, clamp, and in some cases, a glove, they are considered to have a more effective design. The stand keeps the wand from rolling on the surface that you may place the curler on. The clamp may also be an addition to a safer feature on the wand due to the fact that the clamp doesn’t reach as high temperatures as the barrel itself. The glove is to avoid the user’s hand from burning while they are working with excessive heat. By applying these three simple solutions to the product, the design is no longer defective.

What if a Product Fails to Warn?

Most devices come with warnings about how to use them correctly, but what happens when the product doesn’t work as it should? The need for warning labels on hair tools is important because sometimes manufacturers can make mistakes and release products that don’t work properly or do not warn customers of the risks associated with using the product. A warning label gives you information about the potential hazards associated with a product, this label is usually attached to the product itself or is a part of its packaging.

When most people think of hair tools, they normally imagine what the product can do to the hair, as opposed to the extent of how hot the tool is. However, there are many hair tools that can produce dangerously excessive heat during use, and some are even hotter than others. It’s important to be aware of this because if you’re holding a curling wand or any other type of heated tool near your face for too long without realizing it, it could cause burns on your skin. Hairstyling tools can often produce enough heat to cause severe burns to the hands, neck, and face. When these defects happen and someone then burns themselves with an electric appliance that was manufactured improperly, we can see how important it is to have warning labels on hair tools. These products often cause an injury to the user due to a lack of knowledge in how they work or when they should be handled.

Solutions To Know When the Wand Is Ready to Be Used

In the past few years, there has been a rise in cases involving burns from curling irons and other heating devices. In this case, different types of hair require different temperatures and settings on a curling iron, so it’s important to know this information before using the appliance.

For example, Emily plugs in her curling wand and turns it on to begin styling her hair. She knows she has to wait until the iron gets hot enough to then begin using. However, she doesn’t know when the barrel is ready to use, so she touches it directly with her fingers and gets burned. This could have been avoided if the proper information was displayed on the product.

There are solutions that have been applied to recent curling wands to avoid such causes. For new wands, temperatures are often displayed on the product to let the consumer know when the wand is ready for use. Normally, instructions are provided on how to use the appliance and its heat settings.

Need An Attorney In LA?

If you have been injured due to a curling iron malfunction, or believe your product has a defective design, feel free to contact a Los Angeles Attorney. To reach attorneys at our firm, contact KAASS Law at 310-943-1171.


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