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Airbags: Can They Cause Wrongful Death?

Vehicle airbags have the potential to significantly lessen the degree of severe injuries sustained by occupants in the case of an accident. Defective airbags, however, cause more harm than good. For instance, when an airbag fails to inflate, the car’s passengers may get horrific long term injuries or possibly pass away.

When air bags are malfunctioning, they can do more harm than good since they can save lives. You should speak with an expert lawyer who is well-versed in vehicle product liability if you suspect that a faulty airbag had a role in your injuries in a car accident. You could be eligible for financial compensation, but are not limited to:

  • Healthcare costs
  • Lost wages and inability to earn
  • Pain and suffering

How Are Airbags a Potential Danger?

Airbags are necessary as a safety feature in modern cars. Certain versions contain several airbags, including front, side, knee, and extra airbags. Airbags may be harmful when malfunctioning, especially to children and young adults, even though they have saved thousands of lives.

In a number of conditions, including the following, airbags can malfunction and result in significant damage or death:

  • Not opening upon impact
  • Deployment that is needless or unexpected when there is no accident
  • Airbag explodes, spewing plastic or metal debris
  • Inappropriate airbag deployment
  • Inaccurate sensors cause the airbags to suddenly deactivate or deploy

These are some of the injuries that an airbag defect accident may cause:

  • Harm to the head, neck, or spine
  • Lacerations
  • Broken bones
  • Burns
  • Harm to the eyes or ears
  • Organ injury
  • Bleeding internally

These harms can lead to a lifetime of physical, psychological, and financial hardship. So that they can seek redress from the at-fault party and obtain the money they require to put their lives back together, victims should seek legal counsel right once.

How Do Airbags Operate?

The use of airbags is essential in preventing head injuries. For example, hitting your head on an air-filled cushion is far safer than hitting the inside of a car. The bag inflates when a collision occurs at a speed of roughly 15 mph, according to a sensor.

The nitrogen-filled nylon fabric bag inflates before the occupant in the front seat can make contact with the dashboard or steering wheel.

It is crucial to note, however, that the explosive power with which they deploy can cause injury. They are not always fluffy pillows that cushion you after a collision. Rapid inflation is essential for airbag deployment, yet it can result in serious harm.

If you were injured as a result of an airbag that did not function properly, our attorneys may hold the manufacturer liable.

What Causes an Airbag to Fail?

Even a properly working airbag might cause serious or even fatal injuries if the occupant is a child or a young adult who is sitting too close to the airbag at the time of deployment. But, even when the person is a safe distance from the steering wheel or dashboard, some airbags can inflict severe damage. Defective airbags may result in:

  • Failure of airbag deployment: Airbags are an integral feature of a vehicle’s restraining system. If the airbag fails to deploy, the person may sustain avoidable severe injuries.
  • Inadvertent deploy: They should not deploy in minor collisions. They can cause harm rather than prevent it if they are deployed unexpectedly when they are not needed.
  • Overinflated airbags: When malfunctioning airbags inflate excessively, they can impact an occupant violently, inflicting blunt force head damage.
  • Untethered airbags: The position and movement of the airbag determine its efficacy.
  • Under-inflated airbags: An airbag may not inflate correctly if it is improperly built. An underinflated airbag may fail to protect the occupant from impacting the car’s interior.
  • Improper positioning: Airbags deflate at a breakneck pace. When an airbag inflates toward an occupant rather than upward, it can cause serious injury.

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